Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mudumalai Road Trip

          This trip was planned and executed along with my team mates . For long we were discussing to take a road trip , but didn't make any serious preparations . But this time Abhinav took the lead and booked a cottage at . We planned to start on a Saturday morning reach there by afternoon , spend time around wild in the evening and next day and start off after breakfast.
          As planned we started off at 7 AM from my office at MG road. Usual option was to take Mysore route . But we decided to take Kanakapura - Kollegal - Chamrajnagar. This route was much better than routine mysore road. Had breakfast at outskirts of Kanakapura and proceeded. First major stop was at Sivanasaudram or Barachukki falls. 

From Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013
Had to ride by the side for cauveri for some distance and the river was flowing ferociously all along. This has been a best monsoon in recent past . The path down to the falls was blocked and all we could do is to watch the majestic falls and to take some snaps. All along the road was good and surrounded by scenic landscapes. Next we continued to Kollegal , Chamrajnagar and Gundlupet.
From Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013
Took some 10 mins stop every hour. In one of the stop we took watermelon sold on the road side. It was fresh from the fields and costs very cheap. Best part of the trip was the ride through the wildlife sanctuary. There was a elephant herd very near the road which attracted everyone.  Armed with my camera got some good shots. Later on the detour too we saw the same herd. Apart from them saw monkeys of different kind , deer etc.

From Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013
        Contact person from the cottage was was waiting for us . We picked couple of whisky bottles from the local TASMAC shop .Then reached the resort to find it simple and clean. we got a two room unit with beds for 6 people and ample space . Got freshen up and took lunch. it was almost 4 PM then.
From Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013
Had to while off some time. Befriended couple of kids around that area . Went with them to a stream nearby and tried fishing unsuccessfully . Then took a short walk into the forest . On return we had to cross a stream on a slippery wooden log. Walking on them with camera was quite a risky job. It was almost 6 PM and decided to call it a day.

       Had some time with cards (bluff) & whiskey . By then the barbeque was ready. It was quite a experience to prepare our own barbeque.
From Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013
After a simple process and with a little waiting period , mouth watering starters were ready - chicken , aallu , panner  , mushroom. Repeated the process  for around 2 hours. After having a late dinner hit the sacks at around 11 PM.

     Next day we planned to take a trek into the forest with help of a guide. Though we planned at around 5:30 , we could start around 6:30 only. It was good walk into the forest . Had a glimpse of deer , some large squirrels etc. No other animals were visible . Guide pointed out a mark of tiger's pug. It was recently made.

From Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013

 After having breakfast , settled accounts and started off . Return path was through mysore . Reach Bangalore around 6 PM .

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Mudumalai Bike trip - June 29, 2013