Monday, October 18, 2010

Immortals of Meluha

"Whenever there is a sucessful business proposition in India hundreds of companies used to jump into it but only a few leaders last long" - VP Nokia India , when asked about the increasing competition faced by his company. Similarly once Five point someone made it to bestsellers there is evergrowing no of novelists from IIT or/and IIM background , trying their hands in writing . Recently i was recommended by a friend to read "Imortals of Meluhah" by Amish , an IIM-C alumni.

Author tries (still 2 more books are expected in this series) to create a epic ( or a miniature of it ) by taking characters from the Hindhu Mythology and forming a story line around it.He seems to believe that current GODs are lived as mortals hundreds of years back and got immortalized by their exceptional behavior.

Story starts with the introduction of Shiva , an unconquered tribal leader and his horrible enemies from whom Shiva is entrusted to save his tribes. Whenever you want to potray someone as a hero , introduce a curel villan. When goes off cycles of war and peach , there comes a messenger from a neighbouring kingdom who offers them land ,freedom & peace. He takes the risk to move his entire tribe to Meluha. It happens to be a exotic place where people bath daily , use soaps , wore neat dress & use toilets. In a secret test , Shiva turns out to be a Nelakanth ( or messiah) whom the Meluhans have been waiting for thousands of years. Immediatly he is sent to capital of the kingdom. Meluhans also called the suryavamshis (or worshipers of Sun) haven been in long cold war with Charavamshis.

After initial hesitation Shiva accepts to be Nelkanth and leads the war against chandravamshis due to a series of terrorist attacks , in one which his wife was targeted.Yes meanwhile he fell in love with princess and marries her. The chandravamshis were initialy thought to be behind the terrorist attacks.The story line more or less in expecteded lines until the war ends. But the twist happens when he interacts with Chandravamshis.Contrary to popular beleif in Muluhah ,charavamshisis are not cruel as depicted by Meluhan King .Rather they way of life is different and they too were waiting for the meshaiah to save them. Book ends here giving enough scope of building two more books.

This book happens to be a page turner though the story goes in a expected line mostly. Author has taken painful efforts to glorify the caste system of ancient. He gives some modifications to the actual system to make this possible. Its not clear if his aim is to glorify past Indian history or he himself is a fanatic supporter of caste system.Anyway it was a nice read ,without giving any credence to the story line.But when it comes to mythological stories you have only two options , either to accept it or not .Its hard to ignore it.