Thursday, June 23, 2011

Night Trek To Makkalidurga

        This time we decided to join a night trek to Makkalidurga organized by BMC.Reasons - wanted to do a night trek and didnt have time to organize one on my own.Myself , Karthik , Hari and Abhinav decided do it.BMC was charging Rs750 for this trek.Bit costly as it includes only rental cost of van and morning breakfast .When three of us boarded the van at LifeStyle around 10:30 PM , it was already fully packed with atleast 25+ people.Abhinav joined at Mekri circle. We reached base of hill at around 12 PM.

      It was 2 days past full moon day and visibility was good under moon light. 2 days back we had the century's longest lunar eclipse. It would have been a different experience had we taken the trek on the day of the eclipse .After the usual self intro (so boring this time) we started to climb. There were 3 organizers.Being a night trek , no one could see others face clearly and might be because of it there was no interaction too. It was a large group made of number of cohesive small subgroups. Trek as pretty much easy. The night view of towns nearby was nice as moved up.

From NightTrekMakkalidurga

Since it was quite boring 4 of us played 20 questions for sometime.Trek was for about 100 minutes including break. As usual at the top there was a small temple and few diapilated structures.

Even though it was small trek , taking it on a friday night made us tiresome. We used the sleeping bags and started making our beds.Winds at this height was very chilly and blowing at good speed.It was quite a experiance to sleep under moonlight.
From NightTrekMakkalidurga

     When i woke up at around 5:30 AM , few photographers were tyring their best to get good view of the sunrise. But it was bit cloudy in the east direction and we couldnt get the good view of sunrise.

It was quite a task for me (as usual) to wake up Karthik.After few snaps we started the trek down.

From NightTrekMakkalidurga

It was hardly 45 minutes and we started back to bangalore at around 7:30 AM. Since we were sleep starved we couldnt enjoy the down trek / return journey.Had breakfast at the outskirts of Bangalore at 11 AM. Breakfast was hardly needed.Instead we could have reached home early to take good rest.

From NightTrekMakkalidurga

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