Monday, February 7, 2011


             In our world of increased dependence on computers we store a lot of critical information  (both official and personal)in our laptops/computers.You must have heard horror stories of data being wiped out due to multiple reasons
  1.    Getting stolen
  2.    Suffers a irrecovreable damage due to HDD corruption etc
But we continue on a mis belief it wont happen to us. As per Murphy's law "Anything that can go wrong ,will go wrong". So better be prepared.

Is there a sense of anxiety creeping .Then this is for you read on  :) .
I too had a thought process on how to buy a insurance cover on this possible loss of data. First attempt was to buy a portable HDD and back up. But there are some downsides such that we need to do it regularly. Checked with friends on how to solved it. Then i searched through online and got the following link.

Features :
  They provdie 5GB of storage for free which can expanded on payment.

  Jus tried it over the weekend . Backed up a folder of size 130+ MB. I didnt measure the time it took for upload as it did it over saturday night. Next was to verify the integrity of files that were backed up. Tried restoring the folder back to my laptop (offcourse in a different location ) and checked few files . They were safe.This time measured the time taken for restoration . Some 35 minutes for restoring 130+ MB on a 750 Kbps home broadband connection. 

From Prem's


   I have evaluated comparable solutions to find the optimal . Just tried one and it worked. Checking integrity is also based on checking few files.

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