Sunday, February 21, 2010

Power Play in Judiciary !!!

News :
Full supreme court comprising of 27 judges have decided against setting up of Supreme court benches in other parts of the Country

Reason Stated:
This would affect the country’s unitary character

Ridiculous ... what a reason to hold on the power at Delhi so that every citizen in India has to travel all the way to Delhi for justice.This is similar to the situation when Chennai High Court bench was about to created in Madurai. Chennai based lawyers were crying foul , as they were afraid of losing their business.

I don't see a single reason for holding on Supreme court in Delhi alone.Psychologically Supreme court's Judges & Lawyers don't want to release the grip on the power they are holding now and so finding unreasonable reasons to apply break on this process.This is in-spite of Govt favoring the process.

High Court's judgment which has to be appealed, has to be taken all the way to Delhi. It simply causes huge case backlog at Supreme court .Moreover its causing huge monetary constraint on the applicants.Its a easy guess how much huge lawyer cost will be in Delhi and language is also problem for people from non Hindi speaking states.This position is skewed towards rich who are ready to spend any amount .How do you expect a common man to to take a case from Chennai or Trivandrum to Delhi. This situation is analogous to Indian politics during 60s & 70s when the central govt wanted to maintain full control over all the States and forced Hindi on all states led to the mass Dravidian uprising in the southern states and anti Hindi protests.This also seems as if Supreme court doesn't believe the current Judiciary system in all states.

மனுநீதி சோழன் என்ன டில்லியில் இருந்தா தீர்ப்பு வழங்கினர் ?

So do anyone gain from this ?
Definitely the lawyers at Delhi and no one else .

PS: Expressing opinion against court's judgment or views will amount to Contempt of Court . But i dont care :)

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  1. @Prem: Very true - it is as though justice cant be bought only by rich people. Ridiculous!