Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mail to GOD

I was shocked when i routinely checked by mutual fund investments this weekend. Now its worth 45 K . But wasnt it 52K on Jan 1 2010. I double checked and found it to be true .So loss of 7K which translates to 13.5% loss in a months period :( .

I felt very sad about , What is this GOD doing , he should have taken care of me and preserved my investments right ? .Added one entry in my "Todo" list
>> Todo #5 : Mail GOD , and ask HIM to bring back my profits.

I become curious to find out what did happen in this period and googled out .The news was shocking. its was PIGS have got into dept trap and no one is ready to lend more them ..

whattttttt? What that hell does't it have to do my investments ?
I have heard in some Indian PSU Banks any pigs can get loans provided you have necessary political contacts.Why dont they try out here . Btw why does pigs want loan in first hand ?

On reading more i found that ,
Portugal , Ireland , Greece & Spain , collectively called as PIGS ( which dog has has coined this term .. should be useless investment banker from US i guess ) has high depth compared to their GDP and their sovereign dept is losing value which in turn is affecting the Europe and threatening the entire world ( simlar to Lehman episode )
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If you are still not clear read this :
What happens if a person earns Rs100 and spends Rs115 monthly . Will anyone be ready to lend to him .No isnt it ? Even if they lend they will ask high interest as this is a risky business. Thats what exactly had happened with these countries .

Greece is leading this crisis , and seems to be in a brink of default .. What did i say Greece ..No one is ready to lend for a country which gave us one of the best civilization , Plato ,Aristotle, Olympics and what not.. Surely Alexander the Great would be very sad about this.He conquered the entire world and now no one in this world to give loan to his country.என்ன கொடுமை sir இது

My GOD ...
Then i realized GOD seems to have far greater issues to solve than my 7K loss ...
I decided to take care of my loss striked my Todo list entry #5 .

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  1. Good One Machan!!! a quick tohught here...The concepts of GOD and INVESTMENTS have a super similarity..."Did GOD create Man ??? or Did Man create GOD???"
    "Do we control our investemnts??? or does our investments control us???"